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Hi! I’m Ben Schablowski.

As a qualified coach for success and unlocking human potential, I help clients to clear mental blocks and get rid of old patterns of thinking and to find, implement and live their true purpose and their real goals.
Unlock your full potential, create the business and the life that you have always wished for.
You will…
Your path to freedom, happiness and success!

Do you want to live your goals and dreams, and not just dream them?

Come on then!

“Your first step:” A free initial consultation in which we discuss your options.

Our Path Together:

1. Consultancy

A free initial consultancy of about 20 minutes is the best way for us to get to know each other. Absolute discretion goes without saying.

2. Analysis of Potential

Together we will consider your achievements to date and what the future could hold for you. Potential analysis offer

3. Your Plan for Success

We will create your individual , completely personalized plan to ensure you success fully achieve your visions and goals.

4. Implementation

We will hit the ground running in getting you towards your goals and your visions. I will help you to overcome obstacles and stay on course for success. Your success is our common aim.


As the father of four children and from my time as a manager in an international company, I know only too well the feeling of being caught up in the flow of everyday life, working ever faster and ever harder for the illusion of success, and yet not achieving the freedom or personal breakthroughs that really make life worth living.
I was only able to get off the treadmill and lead the life that I had envisaged for myself with the support of the right coaches and after intense work on my inner self-image and mindset.

This new dimension of freedom and control, the feeling of being at ease and great outcomes is what motivates me to wanting to help others. As a qualified coach and mentor, trained by the John Maxwell Faculty and Proctor-Gallagher Institute and by Tony Robbins Inc., I will help you, as a client, to unlock your full potential and create the business and life that you really want.

“The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago. The second-best time is now.”

~ Aleksej AndreevicArakceev ~

Take the opportunity now and start over!

Places are limited

My Values:

Living by example!

All the advice that I give, anything that I impart is also what I would do or apply myself.


All information that you pass to me will be treated in strictest confidence.


For me, mutual trust is the best basis for working successfully together.

Long-term and permanent

It takes time to achieve great goals and visions. I will coach and support you for as long as you need and will always be there for you.



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