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Brian Houston

My childhood dream was to become a doctor and have my own practice, helping other people to lead a life worth living has always been my passion.

However, growing up abroad as a semi-orphan and in difficult circumstances, I did not have the financial means or opportunities to pursue my dream profession. I set off on a practice-based career in industry and worked my way up the career ladder in an international corporation. I have traveled widely and experienced different cultures and closed contracts worth millions with the biggest companies. A great life but I always had the feeling that that couldn’t be all there was … that feeling that there was still something more within … so much more, and more meaningful, that I have to give …

Looking for the best leadership training, time management systems and the best strategies for greater efficiency and better outcomes, I came across coaches who showed me that:
Sustainable change always begins within yourself.

Our self-image and mindset are the key to success and great outcomes.

With the help of coaches, I cleared mental blocks and eliminated toxic patterns of thought and paradigms and “installed” a healthy self-image and mindset.

This completely new dimensions of freedom, the feeling of being at ease and better results than ever before led me to re-discovering my true vocation.

Following that, I trained as a coach in leadership, success and unlocking potential at the leading institutes for personal development and leadership like the John Maxwell Team, Proctor Gallagher Institute, Tony Robbins Inc. and others.

Together with my wonderful wife Margit and our 4 kids, we are today living our dream by helping people to:

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